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Transport de marchandises poid lourd et VL

We are a company specializing in the transport of goods in light vehiclesfor pharmaceutical products, sensitive productses and fresh produce.

Our service is designed to meet the specific needs of these demanding sectors.

Transport Delille

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  1. Fleet of specialized vehicles:

  2. Transport Delille has a fleet of light vehicles specially equipped for the transport of sensitive, pharmaceutical and fresh products. These vehicles are equipped with advanced refrigeration or heating systems to maintain controlled temperature conditions.

  3. Highly qualified staff:

  4. Transport Delille staff are specially trained to handle pharmaceutical, sensitive and fresh products. They are made aware of the strict regulations and best practices for handling and transporting these goods.

  5. Regulatory conformity :

  6. The company is committed to complying with all regulations in force regarding the transport of pharmaceutical and sensitive products. It ensures that its operations comply with safety and traceability standards.

  7. Real-time tracking:

  8. Transport Delille uses real-time tracking systems to monitor vehicle location, temperature inside trailers and other critical parameters throughout transportation. This guarantees traceability and allows you to react quickly in the event of a problem.

  9. Personalized service :

  10. The company understands that each shipment may have specific needs. It therefore offers a personalized service to meet the specific requirements of each customer, whether in terms of temperature, delivery times or security.

  11. Security and protection:

  12. Goods safety is an absolute priority for Transport Delille. They take measures to ensure protection against theft, damage and risks to public health.

  13. In summary, Transport Delille is a company specializing in the transport of sensitive, pharmaceutical and fresh goods in light vehicles. Their commitment to regulation, safety, quality and service personalization makes them a trusted partner for companies operating in these demanding sectors.

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